May 04, 2009

It's been a Wild Spring

Wel, we have had a time this spring. We had baby kittens but they both died. We had 3 baby goats that are really cute but I haven't slowed down to take pics of them, we have new baby chicks. I have had lots of spiritual and philosophical experiences this season but since I BROKE MY ARM and typing with one hand takes SO LONG, I will keep it all to myself! I do hope you all enjoy the pics and the very short explanations! Forgive any typos please. I won't be correcting them until I get my cast off. The important thing is that our family has enjoyed a richness of life this spring season and we give all the thanks and glory to our Lord!

Baby Kittens and High Heels

Cowgirl Up

Cowboy Up

Pic 1 - left to right- John, friend Garrett, and William
Pic 2 and 3 - John and Buff
Pic 4 - William and Booger
Pic 5 - Tonya and Bitsy

Family Egg Hunt

Luke and Laura hod SO much fun! Look at all their cousins! We are a fertile bunch, lol!

Awana Spring Derby

John and his race car

A Baker's Dozen

Our lovely little hen went next door, to my parent's house, and hatched out 13 baby chicks under Mom's rosemary bush! You should see her trying to keep up with them all in the barnyard!

Fish Fry Anyone?

After a big night of fishin', Luke didn't even make it to his bed! He just walked right in and crashed on the closest chair he could find!