February 16, 2015

It has been almost 5 years since I posted on our blog. But I looked it up to show Laura her Gotcha Day pictures. It has been 7 years tomorrow that we were blessed with our little girl but she has had severe anxiety talking about it! After looking at the pictures again today, however, she seems to have understood more and ran happily off to play. God has done many things in our family in these last five years. I hope to revive our family blog and share His wondrous blessings with the world. Tomorrow, with Laura's approval, we will have our first party to celebrate Laura's Gotcha Day as she is finally ready to acknowledge it! Praise the Lord!

April 13, 2010

Afternoon Recreation

Granddad caught 6 pigs in his trap this morning. The boys shot 'em this afternoon and Meredith and the crew are cleanin' 'em. Anyone want to come over for a BBQ?
I STILL refuse to let them use "AIN'T". I don't care how often the shoot hogs and rabbits and squirrels!

March 20, 2010


Hank was Meredith's 50th birthday gift from the me and the kids. He is a 7 week old mini schnauzer. He is one of the cutest babies we've had around here. And we've had alot of babies!

He is so active and loves to get the boys up in the morning. It's much more fun than just having a boring mom say, "Rise and shine boys."

Hank loves "life at the Lindsey's" and has quickly become one of the family. Now if I can just train him to stop biting my toes........

February 23, 2010


Scary, huh?!?!?
Gotta go, the Betsers are on their way over to play in the snow! More 4 wheeling in the pasture. Too bad Granddad's not here to holler at us when we go too fast!! Oh well, we'll just have to have fun without ruffling his feathers at the same time! Don't anyone tell him we said that, k?

Snow Day Pictures

Meredith pulled us all on the intertube with the 4 wheeler. It was fun. Of course, he had a very mischevious look in his eye when I got on so I quickly grabbed Luke and Laura as I gave him a "Don't you dare try and dump me with these innocent babies" look in my eyes. He was good. Much better than in earlier years when I would have had to drag myself out of the snow with bruised rump and pride while he laughed at me saying, "Aw, come on momma, I didn't mean to dump you!" Yes, he's convinced that I am so old he might actually hurt me.

The kids had a blast on the tube, came in for chips, dip, and hot chocolate and are now outside again building super duty snow men. I'll add pics when their project is complete. Laura and I are inside where it's warm downloading our "fun" on the computer for all to enjoy!


I think that I must be the only person in Texas that gets disappointed when it snows! Maybe this is a confession, I don't know but I am soooo ready for warm weather!!! UUUGGGHHH, more winter!

February 21, 2010

Intellectual Dog

I was walking through the living room and look down at our big golden retriever and he had on Meredith's glasses!!!! I looked at my innocent children and asked, "Who put Daddy's glasses on Drum?" With a huge grin and acting VERY proud, Luke pointed to his chest and proclaimed, "I did it, Mamma!"