October 28, 2008

William and Lightning

Yesterday, William and Granddaddy took his colt, Lightning, to the vet for a check up. William LOVES his horse. William and Lightning won the heart of "their" vet! After a while of examination of Lightning and conversation with William, the Doc is convinced that Will is going to be a politician! He is awfully cute and charming!

I wish we could get Lightning to smile as big and William. Of course, I don't think he will lose his front baby teeth! And, WHY is the horse wearing the kids hat? Who knows.....they are good buddies........

October 25, 2008

John's Fall Hunting Season

Last Sunday morning, Justin and John went squirrel hunting. John shot his first squirrel under Justin's careful hunting instruction! He was so excited.
But this morning, the first morning of the youth hunt weekend, and John's first youth hunt ever, he got the prize!
A great looking 6 point! And I don't know who was more excited, John or his daddy!
It's been a great morning, with all my kids home. And it's a new season for John. He's now on of the big brothers, bringing meat home for the family! God is good!