November 30, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Yesterday, Meredith, Bradley, and I went to see the eye doctor for our yearly exam. Since all 3 of the big people went, the 3 little Lindsey's had to go along with us. Well, Luke decided to be a 2 year old brat and screamed "Mommy" for the 30 minutes I was getting examined. Then, he decided to holler for candy (they had the audacity to hang candy canes on their desk) the rest of our visit and tried to wear all of their sample frames. No amount of discipline would help!

We were trying to get the balance that we owed the doctor and leave asap as everyone was starving, Luke was sleepy, Bradley was aggravated because his turn to watch Luke was difficuly, and I was just wishing that the lady at the computer would figure out what we owed the doctor. Now, I need to interject here that this is not an atypical experience for the Lindsey family!!

The doctor dilated Meredith's PUPILS and they gave him those dark plastic glasses to wear until his pupils were back to normal.

Well, we finally got in the car and as we backed out of the parking lot, John asked, "Dad, why did they dilate your PIMPLES?" We all melted in laughter. All of the stress and aggravation we had just endured was gone and we were so tickled that I almost couldn't drive.

We then went to lunch at the chinese restaurant and had a blast! The moral of the story is: Take everything very lightly because all that really matters is that we love and cherish each other!! (Even when you have to take the entire family to the eye doctor.)

November 29, 2007

For a great holiday laugh, click on this web address and have a chuckle watching 3 of our little elves do the jingle bell dance!

November 26, 2007

We got this picture last night from Love Without Boundaries. They are the organization that sends formula each month for the babies of Dingxi SWI. Thank you LWB for this updated picture. Isn't she cute? She has the cutest lips and hands!! I just can't wait to hear her giggle as we snuggle together and I tickle her!! Laura, we are coming soon.

November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family. We are on day 79 of our wait and we should be getting our LOA (letter from China seeking confirmation of our intent to adopt Laura) any day now!!! We are so hoping to get it this week. What a great Thanksgiving week gift!!

One of the things I am thankful for this year is the comfort of a warm home with a working heater. We have been on the streets of Dallas giving out coats and blankets to the homeless population and they act like a warm coat is a pot of gold. God help them and keep them warm this winter, we pray in Jesus name.

Another thing I am thankful for is my happy healthy family. God has been so good to us to keep our children well and healthy. Thank you Jesus.

Something else I am thankful for is that I know the nannies and the director of Laura's orphanage love her and want to keep her warm and fed this winter until we get there. We plan a mid January travel and we pray for safety and wellness.

I am also thankful for faithful friends. God has blessed our family with wonderful friends to share this life with and also fellowship with while in heaven. Jesus, you are awesome.

And I will always and forever be thankful for the cross and for the fact that Jesus in no longer there but at the right hand of God the Father!! Thank you Lord for the blessed life you allow us to live.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our family and friends. Have a wonderful day!!!