September 27, 2007

Well, no new picture today. No word from CCAA either. Although, it's not time to hear from them yet. I am really lonesome for my little China doll today. I have washed some of her new clothes and folded them for packing. I have been getting her things together that she will need once she is in our care. Planning and organizing for a 2 week trip to the other side of the world with 6 people (plus one when we arrive) is no small task. But it keeps my mind on the trip and off the fact that I miss her so much. Don't worry Laura, we will blaze the trail as soon as we get permission. God is great and greatly to be praised!

September 19, 2007

Hair Cut Day

Okay, I got lazy. I usually cut the boys hair myself but after the week we have had, I loaded the boys up and drove into town. We went to the barber shop on the square. Randall Whitaker, our town barber, turned our longed haired little boys back into respectable citizens!! A few snip with the scissors and a buzz of the clippers and John, William, and Luke looked as clean cut as an army recruit. This was Luke's first professional cut and he had a blast. He thought getting a haircut was soooo fun. Here is a picture of Luke and Mr. Randall. Looks to me like Mr. Randall has posed for a few of these "first cut pictures" before!!

September 16, 2007

What a week it has been. We have another week of school under our belt and our house if fairly clean AND the clothes are all washed, dried, folded and put away! We had a little time on our hands so I took pictures of John acting goofy. He LOVES to pose for silly pictures!
We have had a week of healing school at our church, River of Life Family Worship Center, and it has been awesome. Pastor Emmitt Anderson, a guest speaker from Oklahoma, has taught 2 classes each day and we have learned so much. He is anointed by God to teach. The most important thing in life is to love God and love people. If we do that, everything else will line up correctly.

We sold some trees from our tree farm this week and have put that money back for our journey to Laura in China. We are almost ready to paint our new room. I am so excited about getting to decorate Laura and Luke's room. I chose primary colors with lady bugs, bunny rabbits, puppy dogs, and other wonderful creatures God put here for us to enjoy. If only.......she was already home and enjoying life with us. I know, God has perfect timing.
While we wait, we are enjoying watching our little boys grow bigger and our big boy become a man. God has blessed us beyond measure and we can be certain that His love never dies because He is Love.

September 09, 2007


What a success! This kind lady found many bargains at our garage sale. At our 2 day sale we made $485.35 and are very happy. Our spring garage sale brought in $600. Thank you Lord for over $1000.00 in garage sales this year. Thanks to everyone who donated and everyone that made purchases. We'll be there soon, Laura!! Hang on a little bit longer!!

September 07, 2007

Garage Sale Day

Well, the first day of our garage sale was a success. We made $313.00!!! God is so good. We still have tomorrow and it's the BIG day. We are on the city wide garage sale map for tomorrow. I have high hopes. I need to dig out more stuff for tomorrow!!! Did I mention that God is good? We are about 28 days into our wait for LOA (letter of acceptance) from China and I am counting down the days until we take off on that jet plane to get our little caboose. Every penny we make from this garage sale gets us a little closer to our goal. Our Goal......Laura Abigail Fu Juan Lindsey!!!

September 03, 2007

Wow!! What a day. Our friend, Keith Johnson, and his family spent their Labor Day laboring at our house. We are enclosing our garage to make a 4th bedroom. We have worked on it for several weeks. Keith has a paint/remodel business here in Fairfield. He has spent several afternoons and days off helping Meredith and Bradley work on our new room. We are almost finished making room for Laura. While Keith helped Meredith and Bradley, Tracy (Keith's wife) and I were in the kitchen frying the fish that Meredith, John, and William caught on Friday. We had great fun and fellowship today. Thanks to the Johnson family for ministering to us in this way. We are grateful to you and pray that God blesses your family immensly!!!

September 01, 2007

Finally!! I am now able to add these new pictures of Laura and her friends. The first picture has many of the nannies from her orphanage, the director, and her friends. The babies from left to right are Sadie, Laura, and Anne Marie. Sadie will live with her family in PA and Anne Marie is already home with her mom and 3 sisters in CT.
The next picture speaks for itself. These little sweeties gather for a picture. I am not sure but I think the last baby on the right has gone home to a family in Australia.
Laura is so tiny compared to the other babies. We can't wait to get our dainty little China doll home. Every day is one day closer to joining her with us. I love getting these pictures but it makes me even more anxious to see her in real life. Luke already calls her Sissy.