February 23, 2010


Scary, huh?!?!?
Gotta go, the Betsers are on their way over to play in the snow! More 4 wheeling in the pasture. Too bad Granddad's not here to holler at us when we go too fast!! Oh well, we'll just have to have fun without ruffling his feathers at the same time! Don't anyone tell him we said that, k?

Snow Day Pictures

Meredith pulled us all on the intertube with the 4 wheeler. It was fun. Of course, he had a very mischevious look in his eye when I got on so I quickly grabbed Luke and Laura as I gave him a "Don't you dare try and dump me with these innocent babies" look in my eyes. He was good. Much better than in earlier years when I would have had to drag myself out of the snow with bruised rump and pride while he laughed at me saying, "Aw, come on momma, I didn't mean to dump you!" Yes, he's convinced that I am so old he might actually hurt me.

The kids had a blast on the tube, came in for chips, dip, and hot chocolate and are now outside again building super duty snow men. I'll add pics when their project is complete. Laura and I are inside where it's warm downloading our "fun" on the computer for all to enjoy!


I think that I must be the only person in Texas that gets disappointed when it snows! Maybe this is a confession, I don't know but I am soooo ready for warm weather!!! UUUGGGHHH, more winter!

February 21, 2010

Intellectual Dog

I was walking through the living room and look down at our big golden retriever and he had on Meredith's glasses!!!! I looked at my innocent children and asked, "Who put Daddy's glasses on Drum?" With a huge grin and acting VERY proud, Luke pointed to his chest and proclaimed, "I did it, Mamma!"

February 18, 2010

The New Me

In November of 2008 I was becoming depressed about my weight because I always felt bad. I didn't have energy to play with my little kids. I felt very unattractive.
So, I contemplated stomach surgery but I knew that for me, it would not work. My problem was that I was addicted to food. I had to overcome this addiction.
The Bible teaches us to bear each others burdens. So, I went to 3 ladies that I thought would help me and asked each one to help me to overcome my obesity.
My cousin Lori agreed to meet with me 3 times a week at 5:30 am to exercise. She was faithful. I could not skip exercise because she was so willing to get up and meet me at the gym. We began December 1, 2008.
My good friend Cindy agreed to call me every afternoon and ask me what I had eaten and what I planned to eat the next day. If I had a birthday party, I would tell her that I planned to eat one small piece of cake. She always asked me the next day if I stuck with my plan. She was faithful to call me and very stern with me if she needed to be. She also encouraged me all along the way.
My other good friend Shiela, is a personal trainer. We lovingly call her "the smiling nazi" because she can force you to do things that you would never think you could do with such a sweet smile and gentle voice. She never gave up on me and I was determined to perform every exercise she made me do. I still go to her gym Mon, Wed, and Fri morning at 5:30am with my mother to work out.
I weighed 235 pounds when I started on Dec. 1, 2008. I have weighed 148 pounds for the last 4 months. I have focused on eating like a "normal" person. I could lose another 10 pounds but I would be miserable trying to stay at that weight. I eat what I want in moderation. I still have a coke several times a week as well as some fattening food. I just don't eat it ALL the time and I don't eat an entire box of cookies at once. Just 3 or 4.
Losing weight has changed my life. I ride horses, race with the kids, and my husband thinks that I am beautiful. God gave me loving friends that cared enough to help me bear my burden and defeat the "demon" of gluttony. I am very happy.
Every day is a challenge. Every meal is a challenge but I just keep saying to myself a phrase that a good friend of mine always says, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels".
I hope my story helps to encourage anyone who wants to lose weight and feel better. I would be happy to give more technical info like my food and exercise plan if it would help.
In the previous post are some pics of me before the weight loss. I am the same person inside except that I feel that I can accomplish anything now. If I could lose 87 pounds and keep it off then I am not afraid to try anything.
God bless you friends. God is good and faithful to give us the strength that we need to overcome our weakness. He is good.

The Old Me

These are pics of me weighing 235 pounds back in 2008. I was physically miserable and always tired.

February 17, 2010

Laura's Gotcha Day Celebration

Pics 1 - 4 - Various attempts at a group pic.
5 - Laura's favorite footwear of 2010.

Laura's Gotcha Day Celebration 2010

1 - Laura's 2nd Gotcha Day Celebration. She was trying to sing Happy Birthday. lol
2 - Laura surrounded by brothers. No baby dolls, only legos!
3 - Another view of her precious face.
4 - Laura sporting her new Saints tshirt (mommy's a big fan) and her lovely sandels that Nene bought her when they went shopping together today.
5 - Laura was grinning at Grand Daddy while I snapped her picture.

Laura throughout the past 2 years

1 - Laura with her hearing aid and before her lip repair.
2 - Laura in March 2009 at Lela and John Michaels wedding.
3 - Laura before all her teeth AND while she still drooled!
4 - Laura on her first day after Gotcha Day while still in Lanzhou.
5 - Laura at Lucy's in Guangzhou!