August 31, 2007

This video was sent to us May 15, 2007 by Jeff Kircik. Jeff works with an organization called Packages of Hope. This organization does wonderful work to help the children that live in the orphanages. Jeff was allowed to visit Dingxi SWI. The director allowed Jeff to video our little girls. We affectionately call them the Dingxi Sisters. We hope to be able to allow them to continue their friendships once they are all home in the US. Laura is the first baby in the video. I think it's so sweet the way she tinkers with her nannie's necklace with her little hand. Please take time to visit and read about the tremendous work of this organization. Thank you so much Jeff for blessing us with a brief glance into the life of our little Laura.

August 30, 2007

New Pictures of Laura

We got new picture of Laura today thanks to my friend Mary Beth Bruder. She just got home with her new daughter Anne Marie last week. Anne Marie and Laura were room mates at Dingxi SWI. I am unable to post the pictures on my blog (some kind of jpg v. pdf problem) but if you would like to see them I will attach them to an email and send them to you. We are thrilled to have updated pictures of our little chinese darling. Thank you so much Mary Beth!! Please continue to pray for the health of these little children as we got word recently that Dingxi SWI now has 20 special needs babies. Pray for God's provision, grace, and peace upon these little ones and their caregivers.

August 29, 2007

Please consider donating a small amount to help Laura's orphanage pay for necessary food and clothing for the children. When we go to China, we will need to take $3000 to donate to the orphanage. Your assistance in raising this money is greatly appreciated.

School Days

Hi Everyone!! Welcome to Lindsey Home School. We are in our third week of school now. John is a cool second grader and William is the rookie Kindergartener. Bradley is the soooo cool senior that he wouldn't let me take pictures of him. But here are a few pictures of the Lindsey boys learning the 3 R's. Luke (20 months) is learning his colors by eating colored candy. It's his favorite subject!! Recess is everyone elses favorite subject. Now to unpile the kitchen table so we can move on to my favorite subject.....lunch!

August 28, 2007

While I have been creating this blog, a few of my boys and my fun loving husband were keeping themselves busy creating a few tracks around the farm!
I can hear them speeding by the window as I type.
Boys are a blast!!
This is the story of how a little (and I mean little) girl from China made her way into our hearts.

Many months ago I had a dream. In this dream, there was a little girl following me around and people would say, " Your little girl is so pretty. What is her name?" I would answer them, "I can't remember her first name but her middle name is Abigail."

A few days later, my husband call me out to his home office and said, "Tonya, I just looked out toward the back yard and had a vision of a little dark haired girl running to me. I said, come to Daddy, Laura........" I just looked at him and said, "Her middle name is Abigail."

And thus, we were convinced that our little dark haired girl would come to us from China. So, we began looking at the Children's House International Waiting Children's list and there she was!! Little Fu Juan from Dingxi SWI in Gansu Province. And when I say little I mean little. She weighed 9 pounds at 4 months old. She has cleft lip and cleft palate. She celebrated her first birthday July 1, 2007.

We knew in our hearts that she would be the little girl that would complete our family. CHI agreed and we sent our Letter of Intent to China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) on April 14, 2007. We anxiously awaited CCAA's answer. On May 23, 2007 we got our Preliminary Approval from CCAA saying that we could proceed with the adoption process.

We worked diligently to get our paperwork in order and I would have been lost had it not been for my dear friend Kim Rutherford. She has been through the dossier process 4 times now and she held my hand through the entire process. We successfully completed our dossier and it was received at CCAA August 9, 2007. We are now awaiting our Letter of Acceptance for Laura Abigail Fu Juan Lindsey. Patience is a virtue I might add!!!

God has shown himself BIG throughout this entire process. So far, we have spent over $10,000. Believe me, it wasn't in our savings account because we don't have a savings account. But, we have had every penny we needed to fund Laura's adoption. God is faithful and wonderful and he will see this adoption to it's completion!!!!
This is my first post on our new blog. I am new at this but very excited to be able to post information about our family to share with our friends. More information will be coming soon as well as pictures. Thank you for visiting our blog.