September 18, 2008

I have a solution to the .......

stock market crisis. Instead of the government bailing out the corporate giants who are stealing the money of the middle and lower class, why don't they bail out everyone that is behind on their mortgage. Just pay off the mortages of those people who are struggling. That would fund the mortgage companies, help them out of a pinch and stimulate the economy because struggling Americans would have more money to spend. They could also force the CEO's to lower their annual income to around $2,000,000.00 which would keep more cash in the struggling corporations. I am so smart. I wish someone would listen to me..........

Look at the pics Daddy took of His Little China Doll

4 kids and a Rhino at Fossil Rim Wildlife Park

Swimming in the Paluxy River

Life Size Dinoraurs.....

Fossil Diggin' at Dinosaur World

Glenrose Vacation Continued

Pic 1 - Luke chilling at the pool.
Pic 2 - Laura chilling at the pool.
Pic 3 - 4 on a dinosaur!
Pic 4 - John being eaten by the dino head.
Pic 5 - William was next!