December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Pic 1 - Lela and Justin
Pic 2 - Our fearless leader - Daddy
Pic 3 - John and William eating their tiny lollipops
Pic 4 - Lela and Bradley
Pic 5 - Left to Right: Lela, John Michael, Luke in Bradley's lap, Meredith holding Laura and John, Tonya (me) behind William, and Justin (our oldest kid)
We had a blast tonight and are getting in bed soon to start celebrating early tomorrow!

November 04, 2008

Here it is.....

Justin's 8 point buck.

November 02, 2008

Justin's Morning

Well, Justin shot a BIG 8 point this morning. Sorry, no pic yet. Coming soon.......

November 01, 2008

William's First Buck

Well, this morning 6 yr old William got his first buck! A perfectly sized 5 point buck. He shot him out of the same stand that John (8 yrs old) shot his 6 point last Saturday morning!

What an exciting deer season for our family! So far this fall, John and William have put a hog, a squirrel, and 2 deer in our freezer!

It's really cute to take a picture of your son and his deer when your son is missing his front teeth!

God is good!

October 28, 2008

William and Lightning

Yesterday, William and Granddaddy took his colt, Lightning, to the vet for a check up. William LOVES his horse. William and Lightning won the heart of "their" vet! After a while of examination of Lightning and conversation with William, the Doc is convinced that Will is going to be a politician! He is awfully cute and charming!

I wish we could get Lightning to smile as big and William. Of course, I don't think he will lose his front baby teeth! And, WHY is the horse wearing the kids hat? Who knows.....they are good buddies........

October 25, 2008

John's Fall Hunting Season

Last Sunday morning, Justin and John went squirrel hunting. John shot his first squirrel under Justin's careful hunting instruction! He was so excited.
But this morning, the first morning of the youth hunt weekend, and John's first youth hunt ever, he got the prize!
A great looking 6 point! And I don't know who was more excited, John or his daddy!
It's been a great morning, with all my kids home. And it's a new season for John. He's now on of the big brothers, bringing meat home for the family! God is good!

September 18, 2008

I have a solution to the .......

stock market crisis. Instead of the government bailing out the corporate giants who are stealing the money of the middle and lower class, why don't they bail out everyone that is behind on their mortgage. Just pay off the mortages of those people who are struggling. That would fund the mortgage companies, help them out of a pinch and stimulate the economy because struggling Americans would have more money to spend. They could also force the CEO's to lower their annual income to around $2,000,000.00 which would keep more cash in the struggling corporations. I am so smart. I wish someone would listen to me..........

Look at the pics Daddy took of His Little China Doll

4 kids and a Rhino at Fossil Rim Wildlife Park

Swimming in the Paluxy River

Life Size Dinoraurs.....

Fossil Diggin' at Dinosaur World

Glenrose Vacation Continued

Pic 1 - Luke chilling at the pool.
Pic 2 - Laura chilling at the pool.
Pic 3 - 4 on a dinosaur!
Pic 4 - John being eaten by the dino head.
Pic 5 - William was next!

August 08, 2008

I do apologize for not posting since June. We have had a VERY busy summer. Our garden is rocking! I have canned beans, squash, squash relish, green tomato relish, rotel, tomatoes, jelly, peach butter and various fruit! There is a picture above of the shelves Meredith and the boys built for me to store all of our canned goods. That is only part of the crop!!! We have peas and beans in the freezer and more coming. We had watermelons and cantalope that were delicious!

We have been busy having fun making music, painting like indians, getting Laura's hearing aid, getting set up for ECI, just activity after activity. We just finished our first week of school and will go to the library this afternoon for more books.

So, I hope that is a good enough excuse for my not blogging in over a month. We have been so busy living life we haven't shared much of it!

Not to mention our poop incident Wednesday. Yep! One of those......poop all over the bed, face, body, mattress, bedding, hair..........I turned in my resignation as soon as I got Laura cleaned up. I told Meredith that I was quitting motherhood for the workforce! He refused my resignation, laughed, and asked me what was for dinner!!! He really knows how to handle my emotional outbursts........he knows that I love and treasure my job and that I would never quit! I know that I must be getting those servant jewels in my heavenly crown!!!! After a little while, the pains of motherhood had been all forgotten and I was back in business. No pictures taken of course! You just have to trust me!
In the 2nd pic, Laura is posing with Meredith's cap. Something she loves to find it and put it on her head. Get a load of those teeth. She had 7 when we got her and she has 18 now!
We had our 6 month post placement visit last Saturday and it suprised me at how much she had developed in just 6 months. 6 months, WOW!
In the third picture, Meredith and Bradley took a little time off working to make some beautiful music. I wish I had time to get them a recording contract! They are really good.
The 4th pic is of a beautiful peach pie that Lela and I made from fresh peaches. We also had homemade ice cream to go along with it.
The last pic is of John dressed as a warrior. He aspires to be an indian. He admires their bravery and wishes for their simple way of life of surviving off the land and making everything they used. He would love to go on a real indian buffalo hunt!
So, I hope you enjoy the pics and I hope to get back to regular blogging as soon as the garden is finished. But, Meredith has 2 greenhouses going up, so..........

June 16, 2008

Days of Summer

The following posts are just some pictures of our summer days. We are having a good time celebrating birthdays, weddings, the birth of baby chicks, and great fellowship with family and friends. Enjoy the pictures.

Our faithful little hen sat for 23 days on 7 eggs. She hatched out 6 little chicks. 4 black and 2 yellow. She didn't move from her nest for the entire time. We sat water and food in front of her so she wouldn't starve. She is a good momma. The chicks will be 3 weeks old Friday.

#1 - Luke's cousin Bonnie is training him early as to the college of choice
#2 - John practicing for hunting season
#3 - Laura, Grandad, Luke and hats!
#4 - Grandad, cousin David, and Nene
#5 - Luke boating again.

#1 - Grilling hot dogs at David's birthday party
#2 - David is so excited to turn 7. Bonnie celebrates with her brother.
#3 - Meredith and Tonya after swimming
#4 - Craig gives David his birthday present...a go cart!
#5 - Jonya and Jennifer at David's birthday party.