January 31, 2009

New Pictures

Pic 1 - Bradley! He's grown for sure!
Pic 2 - The blue eyed kids!
Pic 3 - John Michael and Skylar
(Our future son-in-law and granddaugher)
Pic 4 - Laura having fun.
Pic 5 - Our granddaughter, Skylar.

Cute Kids

Hi all! Let me give you just a little info on what going on with us and then we'll get to the good stuff.......PICTURES!!!!!!!!!

Laura's 12 month post placement visit was done today! 12 months!!! Our first Gotcha Day celebration will be February 17. I can't believe it's already been a year.

Laura's surgery to repair her lip will be next week February 5. Monday we were informed by Shriner's Hospital that they were closing the Galveston Hospital and she would no longer be their patient.......PANIC CITY!!!! But, we prayed because we believed that God gave her to us and that he would provide her care. Tuesday they called and said that they would do the surgery at another hospital but didn't know where and when. Some relief and more prayer. Friday the called and told us that her surgery would be performed at the Houston hospital on the regularly scheduled day. Doesn't God know how to test our faith? Nothing has changed except for a few days of having to believe His promises!

Lela is engaged and will be married March 14 at our house. She and her fiance are very much in love and we are very proud to have him as a son-in-law. He has a 21 month old daughter that we are crazy about. So, I will also become a grandmother on March 14. I wonder if she'll call Laura......Aunt Laura?

Basketball is in full swing, rodeo season is starting, garden is getting planted, life is full and busy and fun!