February 27, 2008

More Pictures from Wednesday

The Pearl Market

This afternoon, William, Granddaddy, and I visited the Pearl Market. I took a couple pictures of our hotel entrance and lobby. It is very pretty. But back to the Pearl Market. WOW! Huger that huge. The third picture is of the outside of the market. The fourth picture is......hmmm, wonder what Granddaddy is holding? I guess you'll have to wait and see, huh. And the last picture is of William and me waiting for the bus to pick us up and take us back to the hotel. We were waiting on Walking Street. It's huge and there is more stuff to buy that you could ever imagine. See how interested we were in all the stuff?!?!?! We had a great time and I will say that Granddaddy made an EXCELLENT purchase at the Pearl Market.

Fun and Lunch at Lucy's Diner

Wednesday was our Consulate Appointment. It is a very important appointment. Funny things is, we don't even go to the appointment. Our guide helps us fill out tons of paperwork and then she takes it to the US Consulate General here in Guangzhou. The officials there decide if all is well with your paperwork and make the adoption final and official AND agree to issue Laura's visa to enter the US. Well, we passed! We had to stay in our hotel room in case the Consulate needed to question us. But, no questions and at 12:13 pm Connie (our guide) called us to tell us we passed and were free to leave our room. So, we rushed down to Lucy's Diner to have a hamburger and fries. We ate outside and there is a huge paved area surrounded by a park and the Pearl River. The local people played this game with the boys as we looked on. If you look close in the first picture, you will see Luke sitting in the background watching John and Will. Laura watched as well while eating her french fries as well as Luke watched while picking his nose! We really were able to relax and celebrate at lunch. The sun was shining and it was cool outside. We are now ready to come home with out new daughter!

February 26, 2008

The Chinese Market

Meredith ventured off the beaten path today. He found the Chinese market. Looking at the pictures you can see that they don't cater to the American tourists. The first picture is huge worms and the second picture is scorpions. There were also seahorses and starfish that he didn't get pictures of. You will also see the most popular mode of transportation. The bicycles are just parked on the streets. With over 9 million people and 2 million that come into the city daily to work, Guangzhou could hardly contain enough automobiles!!!

Beautiful Architecture in Guangzhou

There are many beautiful buildings and parks in Guangzhou. The English and French settlers built this city. It has a tropical climate and the greenery is magnificent. We enjoy stolling down the streets shopping in the old buildings. There are hundreds of gift shops up and down each street. There is even a Starbucks and believe me, it tastes just like home!

Today Laura took her bath and then snuggled with Daddy for a little while. Then, she and Daddy went for her medical visit required for getting her US visa. After her medical exam, Mommy went to do all the paperwork with our guide and the rest of the adoptive families.

Tomorrow, our guide Connie, will take all of our paperwork to the US Consulate General here in Guangzhou. They will make sure all the forms we completed are correct. They will then issue her visa.

These are a few pictures of Laura today.

February 24, 2008

Fun at the Zoo

Well, after a good night sleep, we went to the Guangzhou Safari Park. We took a bus with other CHI families and our guide. She gave us alot of history about Guangzhou. It has been a city for 2800 years. No wonder there are so many people in Asia!

Our ride to the zoo took about 50 minutes. Then we hopped a tram for the ride through part of the park. In the rain!! We saw all kinds of animals including white tigers and Koala bears.

The kids had a great time as well as the adults.

We are tired and counting down the days until we can come home. Today we are shopping for gifts for family and friends. Tomorrow is Laura's visa picture and medical exam. We will also fill out paperwork for the Consulate Appointment which is Wednesday at 9 am. In the afternoon of Wednesday, we will shop at the Pearl Market. Then, Thursday afternoon we will take out oath at the Consulate and pick up her passport. We will leave out very early Friday morning and that can't get her soon enough now! I am ready to make my little China doll an American Citizen. Which will happen when we touch down in Chicago, Ill.

Oh, the 2nd picture on this post is how Luke fell asleep on the way back to the hotel from the zoo!

Anyone want a picture with Grandad?

The most popular guy on the bus on the way to Guangzhou's Safari Park!

We enjoyed the safari zoo. The boys could run around and use some of their energy and we enjoyed watching Laura see the world. And she really does take it in! She loves life!! I think she has her Daddy's personality!!

This Post is Especially for Mimi

We took pictures of these flamingos at the largest zoo in Asia. It is the Guangzhou Safari Park. Mimi, we hope you enjoy the pictures. We love you and can't wait to see you. Could you cook us some of your delicious chili and tamales? Anything but rice!!!

February 23, 2008

Laura's Evening

Laura likes her mommy's comfy lap! She loves sleeping all snuggled up to Mommy. Sleep tight baby!

Laura's Life Today

Pretty good life huh? Laura thinks so!

And More Pictures

Picture 1 - Soldiers maching in Guangzhou.
Picture 2 - Grandad checking Laura out on Gotcha Day!
Picture 3 - 4 - More Gotcha Day Pictures.
Picture 5 - Bradley laughing about everyone sleeping during Granddad's birthday party.

An assortment of Pictures

Picture 1 - Laura finds her belly button!
Picture 2 - an interesting building in Lanzhou.
Picture 3 - Luke leaving Lanzhou.
Picture 4 - Tonya, Laura and Stefani (CHI Waiting Children Director) in Guangzhou.
Picture 5 - Laura finds the goldfish!